In attendance: Lea, Chrissy, Suzie, Julia, Ian, Meghan, Mallory

@MIT: Eesh, Genevieve

Absent: Ben

  • Chrissy – diversity initiative
    1. Eesh, Paris, Chrissy, Justin (recently) - 3 meetings since winter meeting
    2. Listening meeting - airing thoughts, grievances, ideas about fixing problems related to diversity
    3. JP reps funding
      1. Encouraged to apply for events
      2. Encouraged to apply for funding trips to visit professional societies
    4. Goal - draft letter to administration of JP, WHOI, Woods Hole Community
      1. Iterate on letter and invite comments
      2. Submit by the end of the spring semester with signatures by students and alumni
      3. Letter will be asking for a few specific things and request a response
    5. Scripps followed a similar model and had positive results
    6. Currently legal issues with helping students with application
    7. Students are here to finish PhDs - leadership should be making changes
  • Steinbach scholars
    1. Start soliciting nominations
    2. Lea has guidelines for reps organizing the visits
    3. Reps need to use wording provided by APO for emailing scholars
  • Funding requests
    1. 23,350 in the account
      1. Unclear whether $3,000 for jackets went out or not
      2. Check on buffins fundings
    2. BIG
      1. $10/JP person confirmed to be in attendance
    3. REFS
      1. Approved
    4. SWAG
      1. Money from students is in JP account
      2. Jackets have been paid for from student account
      3. $943 for embroidery has not been withdrawn from account (already allocated but not paid)
  • JP Winter Retreat
    1. March 10-12 is open house
    2. We will ask to change to February 1-2
      1. Backup February 8-9
    3. Budget
      1. Last year $20/year split between housing and food
      2. Funding from GSC for $250
      3. $872 housing
      4. $250 cleaning
      5. $650 food
      6. $20/driver reimbursement
    4. Mention camping outside
    5. Lottery system
  • Winter Meeting date
    1. Lea will check March 5th and 7th dates with rest of APO - if these dates don't work, we can plan it for a date in February
    2. Food allergies for APO attendees: Butter, tomatoes, lactose intolerance, mango, seafood, shellfish
    3. Will need to ask students about food allergies as well (some have nut allergies).
  • Buying real silverware for JP events only? (for sustainability) - present Student Reps are in support of this. Will need to work out logistics of washing responsibility. Start with buying silverware. Maybe plates afterwards.
  • Student concerns about teaching methods in Elements of Modern Oceanography, Ocean Instrumentation:
    1. We discussed issues in these courses based on student feedback.
    2. Students who had issues with this course have been encouraged to speak to their Academic Coordinator.
    3. Lea Fraser will approach Meg Tivey, to give her a heads up on this course feedback.
  • Timeline/deadline for response to funding requests: give JP reps 1 week to respond after request. Treasurer needs to reply to requester by that 1 week deadline.